Colours play a vital role in our moral and behaviour. At Neon Studio, we understand how a simple change in environment can have a huge impact on your mood and perception. Our team will ensure the color you choose for your sign will optimize your space - whether its more customers into your shop, setting the mood for your home or creating ambiance or a feature at your event.


Cool White neons have a clean, stark white light. They perfectly contrast dark colored walls and immediately liven up a dark room! We recommend this color for industrial interior concepts as they’re a great neon substitute for silver or chrome metals. For a chic space, you can also create a sleek white-on-white look.


Need something a little cozier? Neon Studio’s Warm White shade has a slight yellow glow when turned on. This is easily the go-to color if you’re one to change your interior styling for every season of the year. It complements the bright colors of spring and summer while creating warm ambience to contrast the chilly fall and winter.


This beautiful color is youthful, but not too playful! This lighter pink shade is the number one choice for salons. Peach Pink gives off a lot of positive energy but is still calming and refreshing. Exactly what you’d like your clients to feel when entering your shop! Our Peach Pink neon is a soft pink shade when on and plain white when off.


Make any space pop with this strong and fem color! Installed against either a light or dark wall, you can’t fail with Hot Pink. We especially love this for bright or summer-themed restaurants or shops. This comes with a colored cover--your neon will stay Hot Pink even when off!


This rich and vibrant color is the way to go for a darker mood. Purple is a color of royalty and luxury and therefore is the most recommended color for bars, clubs and speakeasies. Purple is also the most popular neon color used for tiktok rooms! Just because we can’t go out, doesn’t mean we can’t dance!


Blue is the color of serenity and calmness, which is why this is typically used for children’s bedrooms. This can also be used to tone down a very bright-colored environment such as areas facing the sun or playrooms that tend to have a ton of bright colors. Our Dark Blue neon is a great substitute for black colors, too!


The counterpart of our Peach Pink neon is the playful Ice Blue! This color is a perfect balance of stability and optimism. A great choice if you’re looking for something blue and bright!


There’s no happier color than the color of sun! This bright yellow oozes energy and positivity. We love using this color for children’s playrooms, fitness studios, gyms --basically, any space meant for fun and engaging activities.


Mix a little Lemon Yellow and Orange and you get this beautiful color called Gold Yellow. This slightly darker shade of yellow makes for a perfectly warm ambience. It's a beautiful color all on its own but works amazing as an accent color for Warm White and Purple neons, too!


This bright color promotes playfulness and warmth. Orange inspires creativity and is a great color for playrooms, basements and studios and other spaces where a balance of imagination and a sense of security is sought after.


The color of energy, passion and love! It’s the perfect ambient lighting for spaces designated for fun and liveliness. Our Red Neon is so attractive, most establishments choose this color for window signs.


Where are our plant-mamas at? Illuminate your beautiful babies with a green glow. This color is typically used for shared spaces in your home to promote growth, peace and abundance.


If it’s a bold and fearless sign you’re after - we guarantee it. Let our creative team design a sign that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. All signs are hand-made with your goals in mind. Once your order is placed, receive your sign in 3-weeks, or its FREE!*