Seven signs you should say it with neon

Seven signs you should say it with neon

By Neon Studio

Office space should be more than ordinary. These beautiful WeWork neon designs from around the world are sure to brighten anyone’s workday. 


WeWork Midosuji Frontier in Osaka, Japan. 

Delicate neon design captures the whimsy of a ship in a bottle at WeWork Seomyeon in Busan, South Korea. 

The prominent neon behind the community desk at WeWork 7 Xinxi Lu in Beijing 

Any way you slice it, this creative neon sign at WeWork Antonio Miroquesada 360 in Lima, Peru, is a delightful addition to the common area.

This snappy design at WeWork Designer Club in Seoul, South Korea, evokes the spirit of ideation, sure to get creative juices flowing. 

WeWork Shanghai Tower in China flipped the script on traditional neon wall fixtures, choosing instead to create eye-catching ceiling decor.

Whoever said a day at the office can’t also be a day on the beach? This fun neon shark design at WeWork Daimyo in Fukuoka, Japan, brings the ocean indoors.


Evoking the linear designs of the roaring ’20s, this kitchen bar area at WeWork Weihai in Shanghai elevates the art of meeting.