What LED Neon Color is right for you?

What LED Neon Color is right for you?

By Neon Studio

We get it! Sometimes it is hard to imagine what your sign will look like in real life. Or what color will look best for your space?   We’ve put together the following photos of neon colors in real life to help envision what your new sign will look like in real life. 

Keep in mind: 

  • When photographed, most cameras reflect the light which give the neon a whiter appearance, in real life the colors have much more of a solid look.
  • The color will vary slightly in appearance based on the lighting in the room. 
  • Different electronic screens may show the color slightly differently! 


Cool White (a cooler glow, can sometimes have a blue tinge) 

Warm White (a warmer glow) 


Peach Pink 

Hot Pink 




Lemon Yellow

Gold Yellow 


Ice Blue 



Each of our colors come with two options - a white or colored cover.

White cover - the tubing will appear white when turned off and colored when the sign is on. The color with the white jacket option will also be slightly less bright.

Colored cover - the tubing of your sign will be colored when off and on. This means the color when turned. This option is great if you’d like your neon to look colored when off. This also gives the signer a brighter, or more intense appearance when the sign is on.