Stories Design

By Emma Campbell

Immerse yourself in the contemplative ambiance of this therapeutic co-working space, carefully crafted to create a serene sanctuary for both patients and practitioners. As you step inside, you'll be embraced by a tranquil aura, surrounded by the gentle flicker of candlelight, transporting you into the enchanting realm of Stories. The softly lit entryway, adorned with minimal furnishings, establishes a clear contrast between the outside world's bustling energy and the sudden tranquility found within these walls.

As you traverse into the entryway, your senses will be calmed, preparing you for the bright and peaceful welcome area. Here, you can unwind and sip tea at the custom-made Beige marble bar, basking in the soothing ambiance. Soft, filtered sunlight streams through floor-length linen curtains, casting a magical glow that bathes the room in an ethereal grandeur.

Within this space, you are encouraged to fully embrace the art of self-care, surrounded by cozy furnishings, organic shapes, and soothing scenery. Each room at Stories is thoughtfully designed to slow your pace, open your mind, and cultivate a deeper connection with self-care.

Prepare to surrender yourself to a place where self-indulgence is celebrated. Supported by warm and inviting furnishings, organic elements, and serene surroundings, Stories provides an oasis for rejuvenation. Allow the experience of each room to guide you gently, slowing down the tempo of life, encouraging self-reflection, and nurturing your well-being.
This then leads us to the tranquil Bodywork's rooms, dedicated to massage and various healing therapies. These rooms embrace a minimalist aesthetic, adorned with flowing creamy linen curtains and walls coated in hand-applied lime wash. The lime wash, derived from natural limestone, imbues the off-white walls with a raw and textured appearance, casting gentle shadows throughout the space.

The designers' unwavering dedication to the purpose of the space shines through in every design decision, evident in both the public areas and therapy rooms shared by Stories members.

Above all else, an encounter at Stories carves out a realm of serenity, whether you are the client seeking solace or the therapist offering your services. In a world where the significance of self-care and mental well-being is gradually being recognized, this exquisite space serves as a genuine validation of these values.


Photography by Underpromise and Flare Department.

Project by Studio 34 South