Studio Mae Design

By Emma Campbell

Welcome to Studio Mae, a unique hair salon that offers a serene retreat for clients, capturing the essence of beauty and relaxation. Step inside and discover how thoughtful design choices can transform a simple space into an inspiring oasis of style.

Strategically located in the capital of Australia, Canberra, Studio Mae immediately promises an exceptional salon experience - from their stylish seating arrangements to eye-catching displays, huge glass doors and windows that create an inviting atmosphere leaving a lasting first impression.

Discover the power of bringing nature indoors. With their off-white, monochromatic schemes - incorporating plants, flowers, and natural elements add a touch of freshness and vitality to the space, integrating greenery seamlessly into the salon's interior design.

Less is often more when it comes to design. By embracing a minimalistic approach, focusing on essential elements, and removing unnecessary clutter, allows the key elements to shine. The added small furniture pieces optimized the aesthetic of the room while occupying less physical space, visually lightens the overall composition, making the room feel spacious and calming.


In the heart of the room is their stylish stations and work area which showcase innovative designs that blend functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that hairstylists can thrive in while showcasing their artistic skills.

From modern styling chairs and full length mirrors to clever storage solutions to showcase hair-care products, tools, and accessories. These simple yet creative touches help promote tranquility during services and optimize both efficiency and style.



The warm and bright lighting evokes a sense of sophistication and creates a visually pleasing environment, perfect for customers to showcase their results or to simply take photos in.


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Photographer | Cara Lee Photography