The little duck

By Emma Campbell

The Little Duck, a subsidiary of the well-known The Naked Duck, sets off on an exhilarating adventure of its own, committed to offering delightful beverages and scrumptiously uncomplicated meals to the local community with exceptional care and affection. Drawing inspiration from the touching notion of a duckling bravely leaving its nest to explore the world and carve its individual journey, The Little Duck embodies this sentiment in its brand and design, resulting in a captivating and endearing experience that permeates every aspect.

The visual identity of The Little Duck is characterized by clean and simple line work, presented in a fresh minty tone. The logo itself represents the essence of the brand, featuring a distinctive duck symbol that symbolizes the spirit of exploration and independence.
Alongside the logo, quirky illustrated icons are incorporated, adding a touch of playfulness and modernity to the visual identity. The overall design exudes a youthful charm, perfectly aligned with the character of the business.
To complement the brand and design concept, the physical kiosk of The Little Duck is thoughtfully crafted. Using layers of mint and white, the kiosk's color palette mirrors the freshness and vibrancy associated with the brand.
Rippled textures and curves are cleverly utilized, emulating the fluidity and tranquility of water. This choice of design elements not only contributes to a classy and modern look but also establishes a visual connection with the concept and branding of The Little Duck.
The strategic placement of the menu within the curves serves as an intentional design choice that goes beyond its functional purpose. By considering factors such as visibility, flow, and overall aesthetics, the menu becomes an integral part of the design scheme, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the establishment.
The combination of the minty color palette, playful logo, and water-inspired design elements creates a cohesive and engaging brand experience for The Little Duck. Every aspect, from the logo to the kiosk's design, has been meticulously crafted to reflect the brand's dedication to providing delightful experiences and emphasizing the importance of venturing into new territories.